Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Multiple akun, autosurf software, bot tidak diperbolehkan

Multiple akun, autosurf software and bot is not allowed

Sengaja saya bikin thread ini untuk meluruskan masalah mengenai beberapa kasus bot atau software , khususnya untuk orang Indonesia. Sebagai warga negara budiman kita bangsa Indonesia haruslah memberikan contoh dan kesan yang baik kepada negara luar / tetangga dalam hal bermain ataupun berbisnis.

Nerdbux Review scam or legit

Nerdbux have potential to become one of the Best

Nerdbux is PTC from Timtech a small company bashed in rhode island, they have already done a lot in online business for some amount time, there are other business sites from this company, if you know sweeva, trck.me, clicktrackprofit thats just another list you can found, however Nerdbux is the first PTC sites since other mostly a traffic exchange. (more info about other sites go http://www.timtech.us/)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Top 10 Legit PTC 2013

10 Best PTC legit 2013 

What is legit PTC list here mean?
This is for 10 sites that have been online at least 1 years above, and of course my personal list so it may different for others, best PTC mean it may be priority to join up at least for investor, scam haters, until standard clicker,  there is a lot consideration on PTC below why they can be in top10, such as 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Top 10 Newest PTC 2013

Here is the top 10 new PTC in 2013, these PTC are in the list based on the most popular among clicker, most benefit for standard, not too much rely on referral, and of course we see from owner experience to maintain the site in the past if any. This is not the Best PTC list since all site below is kinda very new. And this is not list for Old PTC that already run for years

Thursday, July 11, 2013

DonkeyMail No Minimum Review Legit

Donkeymail and No minimum Review (Legit + Paid)

Donkeymail and NoMinimum is a part Multimoneygroup, there is still plenty other site from this company you can found but lets start from the famous one. Donkeymail is a 8 years old site that been paying their member with PTR (paid to read email) , PTP (paid to promote) , PTC, offer, etc. Donkeymail and No minimum is not focused only by ptc but rather reading mail from advertiser not just that Donkeymail have the best PTP (paid to promote) than any other ptc.