Friday, January 25, 2013

Know What Good MMORPG for You

Good MMORPGEvery years there is hundred new MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) from various developer and country, it gives gamers a hard time to choose a good one (but many are just a clone so you don't have to worry). To know what good MMORPG is really depend and tricky, if you ask people or forum the answer will vary, you can't rely on it as people will just say the one they like, you need to set your own minimum criteria, choose MMO type first, it can make you getting closer, neither grind fest type game, instance quest daily based with simple and friendly setting, or the newest MMO with new system and graphic, having good PvP, PvE or even the one that can bot able. 
Many MMO out there lurking around which can take all your life span, unfortunately i don't play any by now (lucky me?), even until now i still looking which is good for me (but no luck), in fact there is no called best MMORPG out there, it back to us and people around to judge it's good or bad, lets to the point what i mean.

1. Budget, see your pocket, empty?
Free2Play, pay2play, buy2play, actually they are just about same, don't be fooled by Free MMORPG as they have some feature that required you to use money in order to enjoy everything in the game, (and usually free MMORPG exploited by cheater such as a bots).
i'm a free to play man, it's just not like me to spend money for just game, even i have money i will never spend any on it, it just ruin my fun (my nature from offline gaming). our opinion may different, it's up to you if want choose P2P or b2p, but either it's p2p or b2p we can't assume that game can give us what we want, some people just fine with their farmville (oh wait is that MMO? duh)

2. Graphic is a everything no?
This is the last thing i care about, i just don't understand for those who really care for it (i think they never play any game before and MMO is their first time game in his life), alright graphic is important somehow but it's not the key for MMO, no matter how awesome graphic is, it become meaningless if that game make you bored or having bad game play or community, remember it's MMO not MGO (Massively Graphic Online) you may worried more about player base soon or later, seriously no one wanted play in empty server for repetitive plot, if you want Graphic play offline game Xbox or PS3 and other PC game (at least you get some story there).

3. Size, lag, i can't walk!
Today many browser MMO without download but can offer a 3D feature same as client game version, the only problem you may get is the waiting for loading time (if you have slow connection). In other side many MMORPG have a giant size 10 giga or 15 giga.... heck!, what is the inside, a bunch of monster?? So? i suggest choose which one can run in your computer, i'm afraid if you worried that much about the giant size file you're computer or modem gonna burn to play it, know your computer limit, choose game with lesser lag, because it can give you good performance in PvP, PvE and people eyes.

4. Community, U spik Inglish?
Surely we need understand what people say in game, no point playing MMO if there is no social activity with other players, the GM or MOD should control what language people use ingame chat. Some say maturity is important too yeah i agree, i'm Indonesian but i don't play MMO my country language version, i choose International one, Reason? in my country most players is from 10 -15 year's old and the game is full hacker and cheater (that's explain everything). Second one is Player Base, this is important as there is no point you play alone even you have unlimited gold. 

 5. Issue, cheater in game, Problem?
A good game shouldn't have any cheater, bots, or scammer in it, they will ruin everything, (yep i agree with this), before they ruin all players they already ruined MMORPG itself, a reason why most game have no right to be called mmorpg, bots is only showing how simple the game is, repetitive, cheap, how bored players are, and actually makes wasting time every effort from fair players, overall there is no point to even play it (wasting time), this is called RPG (Repetitive Playing Game). I know some people maybe have little time to play game or they are lazy and want to do other things , well Jade Dinasty is for you, they have system bot, no? i guess everyone love to break a rule. No worry for bots hatter, try the faction based pvp game like Shaiya.

6. Game Play, Bring it on 
Neither it's grindfest or quest based i dont mind, the more complicated MMO system the more i like, you will never bored and even try to remake your toon to test other build, i really like game that allow players freely build toon stats like Ragnarok or Rising Force / RF, we can maximize other stats with using other class weapon (not required) but it can offer us to wear any class armor which awesome, i dont mind to hold my level and increase stats (i remember i die in purpose to decrease my exp just because to max current stats because the more our level the more hard increasing it later). So i think many MMO today fall in this category, (don't ask me even in 2012 there is still gender locked with only five hair design)

7. Story? Music?
This two thing can make the game more memorable for players i like nice music in game and activity that based on the story, still there is some problem here, let's say MMO with story where the world is in danger and need hero to fight evil, your head there is many action in game, but in reality you're doing same instance everyday with same boss and mobs until you can kill them while sleeping. Normal MMO almost doesn't have any story at end game you will only doing repetitive activity, faction based have more strong related story in PvP term.

8. PVP or PVE
For those who like to kill try choosing faction based MMO, like they say hundred VS hundred or Thousand VS Thousand, if you like instanced based game with daily quest with friendly peace world that you can chat family with fun and afraid to see people die, please avoid this kind of game and stop complain about you're being raped (sorry your in wrong place). I like PvP based game as long there is no really big gap between players (i know you want be a godlike here) but balance is important to keep MMO more friendly to all players, it also have connection with economy in game which always an issue. Other problem is faction based mmo divide players, so it really need large players base in 1 server.

9. Support, Update, please lv cap pls
Players love regular update and having good support in game or forum is a must, who doesn't want? believe me even small game with really bad Gameplay with good and responsive support can beat those big game with poor support. Be open to your players, respect and accept their suggestion for improvement or solving problem. Players is a key in every MMO, there is no doubt, hear what they say or you will lose them.

10. Greed, who else
The root of evil on Online Gaming Industry, neither from company or players, BOTH!!, i hear most company sell the cheat engine itself to boost their income and attract many lazy butt head players bah, they even selling gold for cash, ever hear it? yesSSS!!, in fact, the more popular game is the more players wanted to be most Wondrous super Monstrous Giant Killing Machine, they will do everything to achieve that, even sell their house (someone already did, not me). Spending from 1000$ - 20000$ is not a big deal to become wannabe a god. Now see, company got the most benefit yet they still didn't want hear your suggestion and give good support (i swear you better leave the game), why they should? we see it as a game that bring enjoyment but they see it as business. No matter what you said they will only hear after knowing their money source about to leave.

Knowing what good MMORPG is not really matter, almost all aspect in every MMO really depend on how much money and time you give (also it depend on company and players around that run the game), But the most important is your friends, they can turn the table, some people is just fine spending their life for a years in 1 game (i'm one of them before) nothing wrong as long you still happy, good for you eh.

If you want find free MMO without willing spend any cash, find a good balanced game with less competition, avoid a bot able game as it can make issue on economy
If you can pay for anything there is a lot choice which MMO you can enjoy, try more competitive one so it doesn't make you bored to fast.

I'm afraid i can't suggest you the one you should play, (you can try search on google for that), Set a target, know what you want to do in online gaming, it's just leveling? to just trying game? making a friend? bragging? everyone have their aim right, Good luck


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