Friday, February 15, 2013

Top 10 RPGs PSX

Today i want to talk about game!! TOP 10 RPGs PSX best of all time list ever.
As we know PS one is a root for all Role Playing Games, it's been so long since this console era (nostalgic time), but all games still live in my heart until now, now i want to share this memorabilia games here, actually i almost play all RPG in my PS one before PS2 come and MMORPG time, i played RPG at least twice, so you can rest assure because this list not from someone never play it. Now let's take a look which one you must play or have,  i'm not include RPG simulation (ff tactic, vandal heart, Arc the lad etc), action (legend of mana, vagrant story, etc), breeding type (Digimon, Jade Cocoon, Monster rancher etc), because they are in other category, let's start

here Top 10 RPG games list you must have from RPG gamer for gamers

10. Legend of Legaia 
I'm very happy to start with this one, Legend of Legaia is RPG with martial art system where you need to guess a combo for the Arts, it's unique system that can makes you jumping around if found a new Arts by yourself, the armor is look awesome as it changed according what armor you wear by that time, same as Ra-seru in your hand if it's getting stronger it will grow, because they are alive. The Story line is simple, a bit serious but sometimes Noa and Gala make you laugh thought, there is mini games, have Seru magic system, enough secret, challenge, and good classic world makes Legend of Legaia deserve on the list.
author rate 7/10

9. Breath of Fire 4
BOF4Breath of fire 4 simply just awesome, i always like Ryu from BoF 1,2,3 but in 4 he is more cool with a bit voice when use some magic or transform into dragon, also the music and graphic now better than previous series, good story as always with fou lu added as side story, it have a lot mini games and also Best Fishing games, (who like fish?), there is some monster for challenge too, at least if you like dragon story with blue haired man this is yours.
Author rate : 7/10

8. Saga Frontier 2 
saga frontier2
Now why Saga Frontier 2? actually this is one is my favorite, classic old world with war era and Anima with strong story line, although your mostly end up with story but you may still hungry for it, it will never enough!! because story line takes year to years and they skipping a good hidden story like (about how can gustave dead) i always believe he is still alive or even try make him alive until i repeat John last battle at scorpion curse. and the best of it is the battle system as saga series (same as Romancing saga), the lamp on head when your party about dead is cool, all out combo is epic, the difficulty of last boss super, (beware for first time player), boss music awesome. I can't say more i even play it 3 times and now i want play it again because write this.
Author rate : 8/10

7. Suikoden 2
suikoden party

Who doesnt know Suikoden 2, i swear you must get it if you don't have yet, you know... even i made a comic for it!! this one is surely best from all suikoden series, good character design, a lot new story, a crazy villain (luca blight, kefka still win though), a comedian i mean Victor, best cooking contest, best castle, and i like pesmerga, but i wish his story with yuber can go more deep or end here (see my favicon blog pic, that's him!!) you can get mcdohl too here with save from suikoden 1, and ding!! you got some cool unit, i think that's enough to make suikoden 2 in Top 10 RPG list.
Author rate : 8/10

6. Xenogears
weltall ID
well who like mecha? at first time i played this game in small village hmm okey old traditional and then not for long got surprised by giant killer!! i see a mecha or gear heck it's just best to have it on RPG (since i like mecha front mission or super robot wars), not just that even without mecha or gear character combo skill still awesome, there is mini game with action style using mecha on later game. Good music, good ending, but story may a bit to far i guess and to complicated for a kid to understand, at least try to ride a weltall.
Author rate : 7/10

5. Wild Arms 2
Blazer Wild
Gun? bayonet? all about Arms!! from bazooka to magic until the power of demon, not just that, you need use some head too here or else you won't go anywhere, Wild Arms 2 is fuzzle nest (as always for wild arms series) that's not the only challenge, The "Power" is everything as story said, wild arms 2 is fun to play at beginning until end, you will not disappoint about story, the battle a bit slow but luckily it challenging, this game sure have one of the hardest boss, "the master of beginning and the end" who else Ragu o Ragula ( he always appear on every wild arms series).
Author rate : 7/10

4. Chrono Cross
Chrono cross serge
One word "Beautiful" , i mean everything, Music is a masterpiece (even it used for some TV program on my country), Graphic is one of the best, Memorable story, Character design, battle system with stamina and element grid, and theme song. Chrono cross also have good New Game+ with several additional ending, it makes worth to replay it. the downside is not many bosses for challenge (they should make ultimate boss for new game+ ) anyway you should play it.
Author rate : 8/10

3. Valkyrie Profile
Don't let it fooled you, it's not girlies game, this one more than deserve on the list, Valkyrie Profile have a feel and world that not every RPGs have, not just that, the game have cool voice dubbing you can ever hear and the instrument music is hot, the enemy is powerful, the battle can be madness, this is a God Power!! you can choose difficulty which determine how deep story you can go, in result for your ending, you will gonna love Lenneth.
Author rate : 8/10

2. The Legend of Dragoon
I don't know what reason i shouldn't put this on list, The Legend of Dragoon is RPG you can only meet on PS one there is no other series or sequel for it. Every Character can transform into Dragoons, Totally unique and innovative tactical combat "Additionals" System, you will never bored encountered random battle because you need learn the new addition, it can also makes curious until you success doing it (it can hard for first time to learn how to attack but by time you will master it). I suggest you play it in the morning after taking bath with fresh air and then enter beautiful world legend of dragoon. 
Author rate : 8/10

1. Final Fantasy 7
FF 7
Where is 8 and 9 ?? actually those 2 is a must have in this list, but since there is no room anymore and they are all final fantasy games, i don't mind if you choose FF 7 or 8 or 9 up to you (they all deserve in this list), but what i see all final fantasy is one game for me, if asked which is the best i choose from FF 7 (Main Hero with best background story ever) then FF 9 (for nostalgic old school RPG world) the last FF 8 (just because i like Diablos and squal Limit Break)
Talking about Final Fantasy 7, Cloud is my favorite hero in all Final Fantasy games, even i played FF 8 before i try 7, well in order enjoyed Role Playing Game you must love controlling main character first (agree?), i just hopes they remake FF 7 on PS 2 or 3 to be same as FF 10 above with additional some side story (surely it can beat all FF online)
Author rate : 9/10 

That's the top 10 RPGs in PSX, think i will make the RPG simulation or action on the next list,  now what is your top RPG,  what you like most, it's your choice.


  1. Suikoden should be in the list. Suikoden 2 should be higher in top list. Final fantasy 8 and 9 should also be in list as them along with 7, was the best final fantasy titles ever.

    1. you seem really love suikoden series, as for me, i really like saga frontier 2, i want it in top list but to see it's just me and not that popular like FF series.

      i agree for final fantasy, 8 and 9 should be in list too, i was think it too and wanted to make final fantasy series in Top List which include ( 7 , 8 , 9 ) instead only FF 7

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