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Best Ninja Joe Musashi

joe musashi
Joe Musashi is shinobi character video games from Sega since 1987. He is the star in 1990 era which make him one of the mascot genesis. Absolutely he is my best ninja, let's see the reason why this ninja deserve to be called a beast.

"He is stronger than steel and moves faster than a whirlwind. Sometimes he hides in mud. Other times he transforms his shape like an ever changing cloud. Although his fighting spirit burns like fire, his mind is as calm as still water."

The word say it all, None Ninja have all that, a true ninja word,  power, agile, spirit, all ready to slash everything in his way, from biotic, ninja, army, mutant, until machine all enemy turn into two piece with his sword Hazy Moon, no matter how far you run his shuriken kill you in instant, even you hide he will kicking you from above until you dead, his eyes can match a gun speed until he can see a bullet as slow as snail and dodge/guard with kunai easily (a simple bullet is not enough you need a really big cannon for this ninja), a great long range skill with somersault and throwing 8 shuriken at once from air, crazy close combat with kunai that tearing apart even robotic godzilla, battling with final boss that using goku power with kamehameha (i know he already fight batman and spiderman and now boss with a Ki power)
kunai slashHazy moon slash

Not yet this Killing machine is the ninja master of oboro clan that can use four ninjutsu technique that make him more invincible, (what else to make this Ninja become monster?) he is also the one that introducing this art in shinobi games. One thing you should remember each time he use jutsu the enemy movement / time is stopped.
joe in sonic racing
  • Ikazuchi (雷の術 Ikazuchi no Jutsu"Art of Thunder"): Joe Musashi use a protective shield of lightning energy that sustains damage for four consecutive hits (invincible/absolute defense). In those 4 hits freely roaming and dashing to you, the word "dead" is already there even if you can survive 4 times Joe will just slash you over again without being hitted.
  • Karyu (火炎の術 Karyū no Jutsu, "Art of the Fire Dragon"): One of my favorite, i always use it on every boss, Summon four fire dragon-shaped columns of flames that move across the screen and burn anything into crisp.
  • Fushin (浮身の術 Fushin no Jutsu, "Art of Self-Levitation"): A shadow appears and improves Musashi's alacrity by heightening his jumping capability. fushin can be used for anything like increasing speed (like 2nd bosses) but here musashi mainly used for increasing his jump
  • Mijin (微塵の術 Mijin no Jutsu, "Art of Particles"): The most powerful Ninjutsu technique. Musashi explodes into particle, damaging everyone in area with a cost of his life then particle return back into his sword. Mijin same like Karyu, it can destroy all enemies, this Ninjutsu is used for the last moment and have great power for strongest enemies (yeah i mean for killing those final boss with Ki power).
Joe musashi is indeed mysterious ninja ever, not just the best but a legend, from zero to hero, he is appear and just gone like a wind after slaying every last of evil, nobody know his where about after his last appearance on "Shinobi 3: return of ninja master" (1993)
joe secret

That's almost been 9 years after his last debut, but he is always remembered and defined as playable secret character in Shinobi games, PS 2 (2002), Nightshade (2003), Shinobi 3D (2011), and Sonic all star racing transformed where Joe musashi using Quad Bike.

On Shinobi games (PS2), he is secret character that can use unlimited shuriken (No he is not Cheating) this is purely from developer for giving people view that Musashi skill in shuriken is outstanding, what? i know this is unreal, so where is that thousand shuriken come from? by meditating in mountain for a years, let's just say that musashi can generate shuriken in his hand anytime he want (sound legit?) not just that it can deliver damage to enemy, however his sword (hazy moon) is weaker than main character cursed sword at least none can drain joe musashi life (normal sword? no big deal, Joe still can slash a big tank like a cake)

The next Generation view
Musashi popularity has been fading for the new generation gamer, for exactly most of those gamer never play the game, many has compared Joe musashi with Ryu hayabusha from Ninja gaiden and you can expect the result that Ryu will always have the most voted since Ninja gaiden series still keep ongoing. (and Joe series? nope, some of you even don't know this mysterious ninja)
Actually on episode "return of ninja master" it's well explained that shinobi can face anything in anywhere (water, sky, ground, electric place), the game is enough to showing how god this ninja can be for all time until now, i don't think Joe musashi need another new console or new game series to show his skill as a proof. Even he is gone for a long time you still hard to decide who is winner for Hero Showdown (if there is new series for him you will not confuse again, it can be the most epic for Ninja world once again, same as his era time on Sega back before)



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