Friday, July 19, 2013

Top 10 Legit PTC 2013

10 Best PTC legit 2013 

What is legit PTC list here mean?
This is for 10 sites that have been online at least 1 years above, and of course my personal list so it may different for others, best PTC mean it may be priority to join up at least for investor, scam haters, until standard clicker,  there is a lot consideration on PTC below why they can be in top10, such as 

1. Everyone can earn (mean not premium member only or people with a lot referral)
2. low Minimum cashout + daily click rate (some old PTC have to high minimum while standard click to low that makes a year to reach cashout)
3. Paypal accepted.
4. safe and sustainable (there is no better than a safe feeling for investor to spend their money)
5. not to low rate (at least can give 1 cent above/day)

Now lets start the top 10 list sites

Davidbux is a buxhost which already run more than 15 month now, usually a buxhost can't last than 5 month without opening a new sites (ponzi) or they will decrease click rate for standard member and more worst is raising minimum withdraw, BUT what i see here there is no something like that in davidbux, admin only have 1 site and click rate still good with fixed 3 cents/ day for standard, minimum from $1 - $3 , you have to verified paypal tho before asking first payment, admin is very active and honest, he warn his member about other scam sites which is rare indeed, you can't found admin like this in any PTC lol. Some people may tell bad thing about davidbux (maybe for revenge?) but don't believe it before you try on yourself. oh yes, one more thing that admin always give a gift for random members.
Same as Donkeymail below, it belong to same company, it have very low minimum payment, you can earn with read email, PTP and PTC. See review for more info.

8. Incentria
Cliksia Twin, same as below. if you join Incentria you have to join cliksia as well.

7. Cashtream 
Same as CashNhits but Cashtream doesn't have autosurf, you can earn by clicking their ads up to 0.015/day (what mostly aurora sites gives). See review for more info

6. Clicksia, 
The only bad thing is i join very late on clicksia and incentria, the site sure have low click rate but it have low minimum also, to get paid here is not a myth (for those who thinking like that because always scammed by other PTC) , the sites is simple and run very fast, same as incentria. There is around 680.000+ member here so this is a good place to advertise your ads.

5. Donkeymail
Donkeymail is the best PTP and PTR sites, you can earn not just from paid to click, also with reading mail and promoting your own link, what i like is their minimum withdraw that very low,  Donkeymail is deserve to be in top list. See review for more info.

4. Ayuwage.  
Ayuwage is not aurora nor bux site, so you can't get fixed ads here, because all their ads is mostly from advertiser, you need to check if there is ads that served for you, so make sure to always refresh it, good thing is their rate ads very high, one of focused site can give 0.015 each, people can earn 10 - 20 cents / day, more if there is some task so it depend, there is no upgrade or membership system here so everyone is same. All you have to do is click with their rule or else you may get suspended. After you requested payment ayuwage will checking that either you using proxy or not which not allowed, that is why some people complained that they didn't get paid / call it scam which is not true. 
See review for more info

3. Neobux
You may think why is neobux considered the best until now,  there is many competitor with better click rate, well don't be to hard on Neobux yet, seeing their ads rate 0.001 is still nothing than what Neobux can give, what is that? a reliable safe place to spend time and money that is. However you still can loss money if you not play smart here because there is some people that saying they have to many RR with low AVG, Standard member can earn from 0.004 - 0.04 / day so it's still good rate if you click all ads, member also will rewarded for neopoint which can be used for upgrade 1 year golden membership = $90 or RR cost. and you can do task too here. See review for more info

2. CashNhits 
CashNhits is Get paid to sites which can give their member many method to earn, on first time you may think that CashNhits give low earning since their ads like aurora type, (since many people like a bux site with fiexed ads) but i suggest you consider to spend time here, CashNhits can give big earning for even standard member without referral, from their paid to click total is 0.02, autosurf up to 0.05, thats makes 7 cents / day not yet video ads, offer, etc. Oh right, minimum withdraw is very low too.
See review for more info.

1. Clixsense
Even with $8 minimum, it's not impossible to cashout in clixsense from just clicking ads, they give guaranteed 0.01 ads each day, and then there is 0.005 and many 0.001, even for standard member can earn up to 0.03/day from just ads, but there is another way to earn more with task and clixgrid, if you do at least 2-5 task a day it make you more easier to reach minimum payment, there is a lot task in clixsense, some is easy to do.
not just that, clixsense have multi level referral system which is why it's stay as one of the best PTC until now.

Note that this Top 10 PTC legit may change if there is some problem on one of the site above, if thing goes to funny or not recommended again.
why make 10 Legit list?
so we can focused on paying sites only from the best and you not wasting times and money on fodder sites


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