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Ayuwage Tips & Review Legit (Paid)

Ayuwage Review (Legit + Paid)

Ayuwage a progressive earning paid for internet content surfing, Ayuwage is not like a typical PTC site. They not reserve ads or create ads (self sponsored) for their members. The advertisements you see are from pure and Real advertisers. They specify the time and the amount of sites they want to provide. So it requires us to see any sites are available everytime.
Ayuwage is the best place for advertisers so you need follow their rule to click ads, the rule is depend on Browse Type.

How to start earning with Ayuwage?
Many method you can earn money, from clicking ads until doing task and survey
In start Earning page you can see

View Sites
Browse View Sites  (0.001):  You MUST Allow For the Site to Fully Load Completely and View Contents.( note you don't have stay 20 second so it depend on how fast your internet to load page completely then done)
Browse Passive Sites (0.003):  You MUST Stay On Website for At Least 20 Seconds.  (Must stay 20 second even after sites load completely)

Regular Sites
Browse Standard Sites (0.005): Stay on website 10 seconds And You Must Click On Any Link/Banner/Contents that Interests You. You can click any link include content
Browse Focused Sites (0.015):  Stay on website 10 seconds and You Must Click On An Advertisement that Interests You. (Remember Advertisement only not content).

Note: Failure to follow rule will result in a warning which will add up for 3 times towards to a permanent suspension!
The other panel to earn credit is Search Site, Special Sites, Task Site, Surveys Sites, Reward Sites, Live Sites.

Ayuwage Tips how to maximize Earning
1. You have to install Ayuwage toolbar for your browser, you can find it here  (
2. Click every ads that appear for you, even for 0.003 ads
3. Always Reload and refresh the site (sometimes the toolbar is slower to tell your reserved ads)
4. Make focused site Primary when there is a lot ads, remember you only have 10 minute to click it or else the ads gonna gone.
5. Make some task or survey if you have time.

AyuWage Services - Get Paid to Visits Sites and Complete SurveysEarning / days
You can get minimum 0.045 - 0.2 / days, it really depend on advertisers

Referral earning is 10 %, You can Rent referral from other member if they want selling it, so you guaranted getting real people referral. You can set up store too if you get some direct referral, set price for renting it or sell to other member.

Minimum Cashout
Minimum cash-out is currently $5.00 (10.000 credit) Paypal / Payza. This is subject to change at any time. Usually payments can take from 24 - 72 hours from time of request but usually will be sent within the hour.

Important Rule you must Know
  • Members must enable Javascript, disable AdBlocking software, and follow the instructions when browsing websites.
  • Members must use original ISP connection (No Proxies, Tunnels, or VPNs) while browsing websites
  • You may not refer yourself, even if the account is on another AyuWage Network site such as AyuAds.
  • Account that have been inactive for a period of 60 days or longer will be consider an inactive member.
  • Referrals and credit earnings will also be permanently removed from an inactive member.

Ayuwage Payment Proof


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