Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Top 10 Newest PTC 2013

Here is the top 10 new PTC in 2013, these PTC are in the list based on the most popular among clicker, most benefit for standard, not too much rely on referral, and of course we see from owner experience to maintain the site in the past if any. This is not the Best PTC list since all site below is kinda very new. And this is not list for Old PTC that already run for years



PTC Solution is another new site which a part of - established Polish company, while other PTC implementing renting referral system it seem PTC Solution planning on selling direct referral only.

Cosmicbux is a 3 years PTC site and Buxpaysme is their sister site from same owner. But since their new site have a bit problem, you need test it before invest here.

Globalbux have been paying for some months now, there is no big issue, and you can earn a good fixed amount rate each day.

An aurora site but you can get high click rate for standard, with fixed 4 ads 0.005, if you like aurora site consider to try ClixTen, good site for advertiser.

Nerdbux is very new site and so popular by now it's not just because owned by TimTech but also it have 50% referral earning commision, oh and withdraw is fixed $4. You can expect a very high referral earning on Nerdbux, even they are new on PTC business but TimTech LLC is company that has been long managed several online business such like traffic exchange sites.

The site managed stay popular until now although there is some issue about owner from the past, the site currently running well and probux paying their member with instant payment without problem. But i suggest to always test it by yourself, as myself, i have been paid 3 times while not spend any money on it. Lets see if probux can make it to the next year.
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Friendly admin and good support, you can find it all here, it's same owner from balkanicaklik PTC, the site have decent click rate which aimed for sustainable long run business which is really good.
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TheBux is popular new PTC with high earning rate, as we know it can make site not sustainable in long run but the admin seem doesn't have any bad reputation on any site in the past, however TheBux implement withdraw limit / each day for the member to be able to cashout, so the waiting time for payment may be increased. But hope this can make the site can last and more sustainable without cutting member earning or open new site like many other PTC.
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This Top list new PTC may change if there is update, good news, or bad news from above sites. You will notice that some sites may be out from the list and replaced by others.
Remind that we are not guaranting your money from site above, so never ask why you are banned or where is your money.

Why makes this Top new PTC?
this is for information about site that most people join with, and of course so we can always monitor 10 site on this list, so which one gonna be on the next Legit site and which is gonna failing. 


  1. kalo dicoba semua butuh waktu berapa jam dalam sehari gan????

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    list of recommended ( 1-2 cent per ad ) ptc sites

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