Sunday, June 23, 2013

BuxPaysme and Clixten review scam / legit (paid)

Buxpays Review scam / legit (Paid) is a sister site from Cosmicbux which already 3 years running, its still very new but that is not for long until this site become legit too as Cosmicbux, the owner have proven himself that they paying for 3 years so buxpays have some potential to become large site, now the good thing is have fixed minimum withdraw $3 - fee. Sometimes there is some error on the site / script hope they fixed it soon. Update
1- Adding PTSU offers
2- Adding Offer walls
3- Instant payments
4- High Value fixed ads for standard members
5- multiple level referral earning
6- Fixes Most of the bugs (major ones like Login issues)
7- And much more.

Some Important rule
1.1 You must be 16 years of age or older to participate in
1.4 You must speak and understand English in order to use our services. You must use English when advertising or communicating on our site.
2.2 After 90 days of inactivity, your account will be temporarily suspended and permanently suspended after 180 days of inactivity.
2.4 Auto-Click/Software. If you are offering or found to be promoting or using any unauthorized third party software or services used to auto-click, ad-alert, or circumvent or defraud your account will be terminated without notice. Deletion of your account due to any of these violations results in forfeiture of all account balances. Please note legal action may also be initiated.
2.5 The use of Proxies or VPNs to login or use this service is strictly prohibited and can lead to the suspension of your account.

Buxpays.Me Quick info
  • + All countries accepted
  • + Fixed $0.001 - $0.002 (up to 0.015 /day standard)
  • + Fixed minimum $3
  • +10 days waiting time for withdraw
  • + No limit referral / 10% earning Referral
  • + Payza/paypal

Clixten Review scam / legit (Paid)

ClixTEN is a get-paid-to program that will pay you for the simple actions of clicking and signing up for websites. They provide advertisers a way to expand on their marketing techniques to broaden their audience and potential profitability. ClixTen is a new aurora site. Site is currently paying and there is not really big issue for now, and they have anti-cheat feature which is good for advertiser 

anti Cheat
With our tough anti-cheat system, it is extremely difficult to cheat. If someone is caught cheating or simply attempting to cheat, we have the right to forfeit all earnings and possibly even ban the user from our network. Cheating would include any of the following: 
  • Interfering with our system to prevent optimum security and/or reliability.
  • Creating any type of emulator, or a program to automate the process of clicking.
  • Any malicious act that may, in any way, interfeire with our system.

  • Clixten Quick Info
    • + All Countries accepted (except Vietnam must upgrade to get payment)
    • + ads $0.001 - 0.0005 (up to 0.01 /day standard)
    • +  minimum $2 -4 -6-8-10
    • + 3 days waiting time for withdraw
    • + 100 limit referral / 20% earning Referral
    • + paypal/payza

    Both site is very new but it have good potential, since the click rate is 0.005 and a low referral earning 10-20% which is okay for site stability.


    1. Clixten is a paying ptc site. Now I created my blogger also created an article that proves received a payment of clixten. This is proof of my first payment received from clixten. Soon publish on my site two proofs of payments received, can see the link:

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      1. Up to $0.02 per click.
      2. 5 secs starting timer.
      3. Reclick every 24 hours.


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