Saturday, July 6, 2013

Neobux Review : 5 years Money making site

Neobux Review : 5 years Money making site (Legit + Paid)
This is new Neobux review on 2013 , as one of the top money making "paid to" site, whoever asking neobux legit or scam? you can find the answer right now.

What is Neobux?
NeoBux is a site where users get paid to click, doing task, promote, and to complete offers. It is a site that has survived the test of time and has been paying since 2008 (it has been 5 years). A reliable and stable site that has never failed to pay.

Why they said Neobux scam?
Because they got banned, because they loss money, whose fault? not me, not neobux, also not my cat!!. Please remember that you get paid by paid to click, doing task, promote, and to complete offers, ok. So you don't get paid by just investing and then Renting some Referral, there is no 100% guaranteed you can get back your money (as neobux already mentioned) Rented referrals are distributed based on an activity rule but we cannot predict or assure how they will behave afterwards.

Renting Referral is not the Key
Maybe that was 2 or 4 years ago, but now? you can't rely much on it, but Direct referral still can, you must get Direct referral if wanted to maximize your earning. Upgrading only rely on rented referral is a mistake strategy that most newbie today. This is not just in Neobux but also in other PTC.

Neobux Renting referral review
As you know if you decide to invest and rent, you have to understand that your aim is not only to increase profit but also to find some active Referral (f you are lucky), of course it's not easy and prepare for some loss. There is no strategy or secret for it, if that RR clicking or not, this two thing will rule everything. At the moment most AVG member have around 1,1 - 1,3 so if you not extend for 360 days it's hard to get profit from it.

Neobux click Rate review
Neobux advertisement is $0.001 for standard member, in rare chance you will find 0.005 - 0.01 for extended ads, it's worth it? Yessss. even its not fixed 0.01 ads like many other new bux, neobux still give their member benefit from their ads, what is that?
- You get 1 NeoPoint / 1 ads
- 3 adPrizes chance
- Chance to get $0.5

NeoPoint reward for 30.000 is 1 Year golden membership cost $90 which is good than nothing, or you can use to extend referral and other RR cost. Since neobux usually have 20 - 30  0.001 ads, you can get it by 2-3 years. All you have to do is clicking ads and find direct referral for free golden membership you will get later. Sometimes adPrizes give you 10 NeoPoint.

  • + All Countries can Join
  • + standard member earning from click ads  0.004 - 0.03 / day
  • + stepped cashout from $2 - $10
  • + Instant Payment
  • + referral limit 30 for standard - increased with time
  • + Task / offer
  • + Payza/paypal/Neteller  

Conclusion Neobux on 2013
Neobux is not scam (if you still persistent about it), don't be fooled by everyone said, there is no perfect and fast money making site in legitimate way,  many have fail to achieve what they want with a false strategy, however you have to test it yourself. I always think that they should lower Neopoint cost for golden membership, 30.000 point is to much and need 3 years to get it by clicking all ads.

What do you think of Neobux
Awesome ( it always pay me for 5 years, nothing better)
Good (i got some direct referral and do some task)
Decent (Neopoint really help)
Bad (AVG to low, i lossing on Renting)
Please Specify:


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