Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Solution 2 H1 tags Original text

Do you have 2 or double H1 tags in your blog? one your title blog and other called "original text" ? this is happen usually for a new blogger (same like me). Today i will give some solution for you that troubled by it.

Before that we know some say H1 should be only 1 in every page, but other say it doesn't matter if having 2 or 3 in one page, no one know whats better, many top site even have more one but still have good ranking, if you worry to much and only want 1 and it bother you to see Seo tool warning for it, then continue read this.
what is H1 tags? is it important?

Take a look your headline, that is your title blog and it should tell what your blog about, google bot always use it to describe your blog, this is important, if your headline about SEO then every article you write with SEO topic and word in it automatically will get traffic ranking boost "more easier" than blog with headline Music that write about SEO (same like my blog) well it doesn't matter anyway i want to help those with 2 H1 tags original text right.

Reason why you have that "original text"

1. Your title headline not describe your content well, you will lead visitor to wrong info, as i said, your title blog is about sing don't write about how to cook (if you persistent then you should have at least 10 article or 80% about singing than cooking)

2. To many article not using related meta keyword or description, the result is you will have not related keyword density, you can check with seoquake, (which word that used to many) if it's not word from your meta keyword or title tag, then seo tool will decide that "Original text" is more suitable to describe your blog and automatically added another H1 into your blog (i still not sure if google see it same like that or it just from SEO tool)

Solution how to fix
  • Write more article that related for headline (H1) and keyword.
  • Delete frequently used word that not from your keyword (if cooking have 50% and word "you" 90%) avoid used "you" to many. Again check density blog with seoquake, and start delete that word.
  • Add another word that used frequently (most density) to headline (your current H1 optimized is Sing) but to many cooking article, so add (Sing and Cooking for new H1) 
  • Change your headline, some people change H3 into H1 (up to you but i doubt you can get rid original text with it)   i not recommend this as i never try it yet

Note that the original text tag will not gone instantly, it need time after your blog content describe your H1 well and density keyword matched with keyword you want optimized for, after original text in seo tool showing your blog title as H1 only, then it gone.

That's the solution 2 H1 tags orignal text i can give based on experience, hope it can help you too, good luck


  1. meski max cultz (Google)di videonya mengatakan bahwa algorithma google tidak begitu memperhitungkan ada berapa banyak H1, H2 dll dalam sebuah blog, sepertinya ada 1 H1 di setiap halaman akan lebih baik.
    Sayangnya saya masih belum menemukan solusi dari uraian di atas mengenai dobel H1 yang juga saya alami di blog..

    1. betul gan, sebagian orang bilang punya 2 h1 itu tidak masalah

      tapi kalau mau dihilangkan, seperti uraian di atas, h1 original text muncul jika ada beberapa keyword lebih kuat daripada main keyword blognya
      saya cek web nya agan density dengan kata "Comments" lebih tinggi daripada h1 sebenarnya yaitu "tukang toko online"

      yang harus agan lakukan adalah membuang pengulangan kata "comments" tersebut, tapi saya tidak tau itu berasal darimana
      atau memperbanyak kalimat "toko online"

  2. makasih sob sudah memberi penjelasan yang baru saja saya alami. salam kenal

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