Thursday, January 31, 2013

Reason why PTC Scam / Fail

PTC (Paid To Click) is where every member got paid from clicking advertiser ads, out of that it will be called as Ponzi Schemes (money from new investor used to pay senior investor), those PTC will never able to survive and not reliable (99% the site with self sponsored) the actual process is just like, "forget about ads", rent referral, upgrade member, recycle, rent again, invest again, renew, repeat, lets call it referral playing game.

now lets take a look closer from here, the reason why this business like a peanuts on internet

Admin / Owner
  1. No matter what script they use Aurora or bux, owner is the most important, if he serious in first place or intending to scam, if they intend to scam they will use bux sites for it. Serious owner will think twice for that, mostly they will run aurora to start with.
  2. Less experience, they didn't know what and how hard to run PTC business, they only hoping they can be a big sites like others (neobux) by just copying their model with 0.01 rate to attract people. Getting real advertiser is hard the site need reputation first
  3. Your admin is a Kid, yes if you know how easy to buy script with just 30-50$ and voila!! they get the site in just a minute, seriously even kids use their parent credit card to play game, so why not? don't ask why their paypal and other payment being limited because paypal won't run business with 15 years old kiddie.
  4. Pure scammer, everything is fake, fortunately paypal will close their payment soon. Desperate scammer will use Liberty and other payment thought.
Script / Sites
  1. There is no sites that can survive with 0.01 rate ads (bux site), even neobux change this model, it's pure ponzi with self sponsored, none advertiser gonna pay ads for people "standard member" who doesn't have money with only click and run, i would say bux sites with 4 ads 0.01 is a joke, yes they can can pay in beginning (using member invest money) how much money you think admin can get if there is 100 member invest for 5$ ?  that's enough to show how good are them and paying for a month. Just wait if every member got ROI and standard member got first payment it will be different story, neither admin lower 0.01 to 0.001 (or our kiddie admin just run before that)
  2. Bots? ref? almost every bux with self sponsored playing this trick (not closed for others) actually this is how they hold people getting fast ROI, more worst makes them loss, get a fact how can sites can supply every member with a ref everyday, the script it self have this feature for creating bots referral army (at least this was used by and others before)
  3. Aurora have problem too as it hard to get people to join, but thats all, most of it doesn't have problem to pay their member, those who stopped may caused by owner either lazy to continue it, how small earning owner get, or site unpopular. (some aurora is used for self sponsored but since it only give small rate earning to member, it doesn't have problem for admin paying their member).
  1. Many retards, Hacker, underage, can't read english, and doesn't know about rule, to many of them can destroy PTC owner and advertiser as well. some of them may try open dispute because they doesn't know about payment rule, or even say PTC scam and open ticket because can't use withdraw (their balance not enough for it).
  2. To many Standard member, this is BS, PTC with true model ads from advertiser will never have problem as long they are not self sponsored, this is only nightmare for a bux sites that rely on member investment, (example you will see some mail promotion to upgrade every time you log in).
  3. to many upgraded member. don't get wrong they can destroy site as well, if admin to stupid to set referral per click earning to high, luckily with their bots army, that can be avoided at least for some time (until many standard member with direct referral starting rip them off.) 

So in the end, it almost all depend by owner, not all is scam, there is PTC out there running for 5+ years until now, all business have a risk even in real world. it's back to us on choosing, use on your own risk.


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