Thursday, February 28, 2013

Reason why RPGs better than MMORPG

This is not RPGs Versus MMORPG, but this is about why RPG beat MMORPG in first place. Yes it's not that hard to say RPG better than playing MMO, for experienced gamers who already been in those two type of game, surely know where this lead.

Before that as i said on my late article about know what good MMORPG? and other article about Top 10 RPGs , know what it mean? it's directly to give us conclusion that while i can suggest everyone what is the best and top RPG easily, in other hand i can't really suggest anyone what is good MMORPG, hardly to choose (not even close to be called TOP/BEST)

This is My Story

OK this story is started when i know Online games, where i leave my RPG time for MMO, that time i'm really addicted to one of to another MMO (from runescape until our modern MMO which actually NOTHING change except graphic) , sure i still have my console even i brought PS2 and buying some Top RPGs, in fact i Never touch it for a hundred years since my last PS one (i just thinking someday i play it for sure, gladly it happen just now) but MMO sure makes me can't leave my keyboard until i wet dreaming about it (sigh).

Until one day in 2011 my computer is broken, and that time i'm already sick of finding new good MMORPG which i never found, during that time i looked again to all my PS2 DVD , i see untouched Final Fantasy 10, Wild ARMs 5, Suikoden 5, Mana Khemia, Dragon quest 8 and others, covered by dust (well why not i try play it now?) i know it's been late playing that old game, but heyyy better late than never!!

Once i play it, OMFG..i am thinking, what i had done all this time? (i started crying), absolutely this is what i wanted this is what makes my time worth..(no, even Life) . The story, a feeling, the music, experience, i feel young again and feel like back to my ps one era, i really regretting my whole years playing with a nonsense gameplay killing mobs for all day which give me nothing in the end except boredom to hell. I sum it and makes reason for this why you should think twice to start playing MMO.

MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games)
  1. There is NO story, questing? no, except the main purpose is exp/item/gold (you don't even read what NPC saying), there is no need story for PvP either, if game with faction based system, everyone will kill each other soon or late without instruction.
  2. Why is it called MMORPG? , when most of it is just 
    • MORPG (multiplayer online RPG) dead server not even called massively
    • MMORGP (MMO Repetitive Game play)
    • MMOBPG (MMO Bots Playing Game)
  3. Repetitive : PvP, PVE, instance, teaming, caving, everything ,even what you said (team bla bla cave 5/7 need healer, buy sell item blabla, repeat)
  4. If you like botting, scamming or use UO to farm, everyone will know you as cheater (in RPG no one know) , if MMORPG have cheaters, everyone will follow and you will get impact about how suck to be out leveled by those noob (if you keep playing fair)
  5. Economy really depend on cheater and cash players, you alone can't control it, neither become one of them, or else enjoy being a noob forever.
  6. In the end there is no Role for you in game, yeah this so called uber will take care everything alone in 1 hit (he doesn't even need you in team)
  7. in instance, If someone afk in team, all member need to wait, if someone DC everyone die and need remake team.
  8. In the end MMORPG is about PvP, soon or late you will need money, if your PVE players you need money to just even do high lv instance. Or else enjoy how useless you are (i mean teaming with that uber)
  9. Sometimes community or people around makes you lazy to play with (beware stalker / kids)
  10. It never END no matter how many time you kill the mobs and bosses, no matter how many money you spend, there is always be update with new thing, until the server is closed

MMORPG is not all that bad if you can handle all above, if you like bragging to others then this may be your place, if you want find a wife you may found it here (no kidding) this is social place, that thing can happen right, it's good place too for trolling. Out of that nothing is good except if you wanted PvP, once you get your level cap, the rest is just wasting time, i think that MMORPG only good and fun to play at beginning where everyone still a newb, when the process leveling getting slower, it's done, just leave it.

RPG (Role Playing Games)
  1. Story there, Fun, sad, even if it's suck one you still learn something
  2. a True Role Playing Games, where you play a big role
  3. Not repetitive, there is always a new place and new dungeon, a new skill, a new story as long you progress further
  4. You dont have to worry about other player cheater, this game is fully yours to control.
  5. There is no called economy, everything is fixed from NPC
  6. You don't have to wait someone afk to move further, it's game waiting you
  7. You still enjoying even without community
  8. You still can brag from write some faq, secret, or upload video about your gameplay.
  9. 2 years playing 1 MMORPG stuck with same thing = 10-20 more RPGs you could finish with different system and story
  10. It does have ENDING, and it's worth your time since average we can beat1 RPG in just for 2 week - month (depend if your perfectionist or not)

RPG is not consuming your Life, you can get socialization in real life instead, but it depend, if you really don't have friends and desperate for it, maybe you can say MMORPG is better for you, but that's not same for all people, there is also many game that can give you PvP like DOTA (battle with your friends in real life /online). Remember that MMO PvP is mostly depend on money i hope you prepare it.

Thats my point of view, some people may think different and saying MMORPG is better than RPG, thats no problem,  let's hear what is in your mind



  2. MMORPG PVP depends on you playing with other players. If you're a good player and listen well to instructions or strategies, but your team isn't, you will suffer for it.

    Sometimes the leader tells the team what to do, but they just don't listen and farm kills instead of capping objectives and doing what the battleground type dictates.

    None of the battleground types in WoW for example are team deathmatch style, but there's plenty of people who think every one works like that.

    RPG, it's just you versus the mobs you fight. No relying on other people's performance to determine whether you will succeed.

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