Saturday, April 6, 2013

What is True Gamer mean

True gamer
What is true gamer? is such thing exist in gaming world? some people said it's funny to even think it and some saying there is no such true gamer. But why there is hardcore gamer? We know the word Gamer is for those who play the game regularly, mean it not for those who play a game for one time, but for those consistently play in time basis from 24 hours/day until 1 hour a week.

Gamer can include all meaning of how everyone play the game, from casual gamer until hardcore gamer, it's easy to achieve, why not? hardcore gamer near to addictive, it present for people playing games to much and harder than normal, it because they LIKE it, Like = hobby = addict , being addicted is not categorized as always better or good, but for True gamer it's different matter.

Simply you can't say true gamer as someone who like to play games, (as they are can be called "gamers" is enough)
now lets take a look what criteria being a gamer.

1. Someone that playing from 12-24 hours a day , it doesnt matter how much time you playing, THAT can't be a reason to make you different from others and be called TRUE gamer (example if somebody can finish fuzzle in 10 minute and you can finish it in 1 hour) sorry you are still gamer, but feel free to say your hardcore for it.

2. Amount of game you finished, it doesnt mean you can be called a TRUE gamer, right..... you play many games but it just no different (it only show you are just bored and aloner) compared to gamer who like to play mulltiplayer (fighting, MMO, pvp, duel with other, etc) you are still gamer

3. Playing to win, play to the best, playing to become better than others, Gaming is not competition, this is not like you gambling or betting to win with a money since every person can do the same, (all of that cannot make you a true gamer) you are still gamer.

4. Finished the game? bragging to achieve something that everyone cannot do? perfectionist? that is mislead, Games never asked you to play perfectly in every stage, so doesn't matter how good are you to play, your not a true gamer, you are just a bragger (play to brag) if only you on it, you will not gonna play that game for sure.

5. For sure true gamer is not just only collector games and beat it then leave it.

Many kind of gamer, some picky, some wasting time in 1 game for the rest of his life, some playing to have fun, they have access to become a true gamer, YES, even if they only play 1 game (say 1 MMO)

why? it's really that easy to become true gamer? take a look this list below are you one of them?

  1. Those who not use cheat, hack engine, gameshark, etc (leave true gamer simply i doubt you even deserve to be called gamer, suit well called as cheater) most of players fall here (neither offline games or MMO) it's so funny if someone think he is hardcore with his hack.
  2. Hate spoilers in first time play, guide, faqs, asking friends on how to...(true gamer never worried about not being perfectionist, he want go by himself and to see how far he can go)
  3. Games is game doesn't matter what console it's, true gamer will always respect the games no matter what console or genre is, even if he is not good playing at it, he will never said "i don't like football games" or "i hate RTS because it suck" or "i dont want to play it because graphic is childish".
  4. Playing for fun, playing because he want (not because brag to others), playing by heart not by system
  5. in MMORPG case, out of this word (cash players (used real money for game items), hacker, scammer, cheater, botters)

Conclusion true gamer is those who follow games rule and his heart and those who never say suck to any games he bad at. You doesn't need play 24 hours, you doesn't need throw a real life (that's only for addict / hardcore).

break it and you become ordinary gamer as many others. Remember being hardcore and perfect can be achieved by anyone in a day. But being a true gamers i doubt it every of you have patience for it (not just in the past but future and the rest of your gaming life).


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